San Antonio Proud Smiles

dds-waiting2Dominion Dental Spa is at the top of our list for the Best San Antonio Dentist for not only their typical dental services but also their cosmetic dentistry services. As a San Antonio cosmetic dentist offering teeth whitening along with Invisalign, Dominion Dental Spa is ready to improve the dental health of San Antonio residents and make their smiles look amazing in the process. San Antonio Invisalign is a extremely popular procedure that offers numerous trays that are changed out every 2 weeks to slowly change the positioning of a dental patient’s teeth. This is a huge improvement over the old wired braces for both aesthetics and hygiene. The trays can easily be removed for cleaning and flossing so not only are the teeth straighter but also healthier.

Dominion Dental Spa also offers San Antonio teeth whitening which allows a patient to whiten their smile by 2-3 shades in one session. Each teeth whitening session last 45 minutes to an hour depending on how intense of whitening the patient is wanting. Typically it is recommended to have standard dental cleanings done by either your dentist or the dentist on staff to clean any surface stains. Teeth whitening works from the inside of the tooth out though some surface staining can be whitened too.

Dr. Stratton and the team at Dominion Dental Spa are focused on giving San Antonio residents the best possible dental experience with advanced cosmetic dentistry procedures and services.

Dominion Dental Spa

4 Dominion Dr Bldg 5 Ste 250, San Antonio, TX 78257


Remodeling Expectations in San Antonio

Bathroom remodeling San AntonioKM BUILDERS has been remodeling expectations in San Antonio since 1984. Typically when thinking of a remodeling project, most people start by calling out construction crews to provide bids on the project. Often this results in wildly different bids from numerous construction companies leaving a homeowner confused and nervous. A popular yet ill-advised method of choosing the winning bid is to hire the remodeling company in the middle of the pack. The idea is that by getting rid of the highest and lowest bids, you will get the most fair contract for your home remodeling project. This scenario doesn’t award the project based on any merits of the remodeling companies or the actual work being completed. When completing a San Antonio bathroom remodeling project and you’ve called out half a dozen contractors, most of the companies and the homeowner don’t have a complete idea of what the final product will look like. Companies like KM BUILDERS recommends calling a design/build remodeling company that has kitchen designers, bathroom designers, interior designers, and architects on staff to design the San Antonio kitchen remodeling of your dreams.

Once the design team designs your perfect bathroom or kitchen, then it makes sense to have contractors bid on the design. This way everyone is bidding on the exact same design and the bids should be really close allowing the homeowner to choose a remodeling company based on other factors like warranties and reputation.

KM Builders

7915 Mainland Drive, San Antonio, TX 78250


San Antonio Chiropractor Stands Alone

Stone Oak ChiropracticStratton Sport & Spine stands alone as the best San Antonio chiropractor and is also conveniently located in the Stone Oak area.  With hundreds of chiropractors to choose from in the San Antonio area, we found what we feel is the best of the best. Dr. Stratton focuses with a patient-first approach to his practice. Unfortunately many chiropractors in San Antonio try to get through as many patients as possible daily resulting in as little as 10-15 minutes of time with the actual doctor. Patients at Stratton Sport & Spine will at a minimum meet with a doctor for 30 minutes with most chiropractic appointments lasting closer to 4o minutes. This extra care given to Stratton Sport & Spine patients results in faster injury recover along with more detailed addressing of injury prevention.

Another unique service of this Stone Oak Chiropractor is whole body cyrotherapy that allows Stratton Sport & Spine’s patients to recover quick so they can get back to their respective sports. Stone Oak Chiropractic clinics like Stratton Sport & Spine service the northside of San Antonio and surrounding areas. From typical chiropractic adjustments to advanced sports recovery solutions, Stratton Sport & Spine is the leader for injury recovery in San Antonio.

Stratton Sport & Spine

300 E Sonterra Ste #410, San Antonio, TX 78258