Paris The City Of Lights Welcomes You

Mention the name Paris, and many people will nod in recognition. If you are craving to have a vacation for 3 days in Paris, you are not alone. Paris is one of the top 10 travel destinations in the world offering European class and couture to all that visit this iconic city. Entry into Paris is easy via Charles De Gaulle Airport or Orly airport. Transport can be by car, bus or taxi. You can also take a train to many different points in the city. So what would you like to see first? You have multiple choices of places to see.

The Eiffel Tower is one of Paris's most iconic landmarks. Created by Gustav Eiffel in 1889, this is one of the most visited on any tour of Paris. But the Eiffel Tower is not the only tourist attraction in Paris. Much has been said about the Moulin Rouge, but it is not the best place to take children to. This is an adult's only show. You also have the world-famous Louvre where the Mona Lisa resides. Another place of interest is the Bastille which has great significance for all of France and not just Paris.

If you are looking for something spectacular, try Versailles with the beautiful Sun King palace. This is about 20 minutes by train outside Paris. But it you are looking for something in Paris proper, there are many different places that you can go to such as the Notre Dame Cathedral or the Catacombs. You also have the Arc de Triomphe and the Pantheon. If you love museums or galleries, there are many choices that you can choose from. The Louvre is one and the Musee Marmottan-Monet is another. A third is the Rodin Museum. There are plenty of museums for you to see on a trip to Paris.

If churches are your thing to see, Paris is a delight with the Notre Dame Cathedral, Sacre Coeur and Sainte Chapelle for example. If you want to tour a famous university, the Sorbonne at the University of Paris is a good example of a world-class university. For those that love parks, the Luxembourg Garden as well as the Tuileries Garden is two parks that merit your attention. Now if music is your forte, you have several places to visit. One such place is the Opera Garnier as well as Theatre Lyrique.

Some of the most well-known events in Paris are the French Tennis Open, Bastille Day, Le Beaujolais Noveau, Fashion Week and Cinema en Plein Air. So there is a lot of things to see and do in Paris. If you love movies then the many Cinemas of Paris are a movie buffs delight. Most movies shown in Paris are dubbed in French so you might want to learn french for that. Now if you have children, here are some suggestions. The Jardin du Luxembourg, the Cite des enfants and the Parc Zoologique are some of the places that are great to go to with children. So no matter what you want to see, Paris is full of enchantment and color.