Salt Lake City Chiropractor Stands Alone

Stone Oak ChiropracticUtah ChiroSport stands alone as the best Salt Lake City chiropractor and is also conveniently located in the West Jordan area.  With hundreds of chiropractors to choose from in the Salt Lake City area, we found what we feel is the best of the best. Dr. Tyler focuses with a patient-first approach to his practice. Unfortunately many chiropractors in West Jordan try to get through as many patients as possible daily resulting in as little as 10-15 minutes of time with the actual doctor. Patients at Utah ChiroSport will at a minimum meet with a doctor for 30 minutes with most chiropractic appointments lasting closer to 4o minutes. This extra care given to Utah ChiroSport patients results in faster injury recover along with more detailed addressing of injury prevention.

West Jordan Chiropractic clinics like Utah ChiroSport service the northside of Salt Lake City and surrounding areas. From typical chiropractic adjustments to advanced sports recovery solutions, Utah ChiroSport is the leader for injury recovery in Salt Lake City.

Utah ChiroSport

8846 S. Redwood Rd Suite N-103, West Jordan, UT 84048


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