San Antonio Men are Packing on Muscle

San Antonio testosteroneDid you know: A normal male testosterone level peaks around age 20, and then it slowly declines? If you are experiencing symptoms of low testosterone, give Blue Diamond Med Spa a call! It’s safe and easy to restore your testosterone to normal levels. San Antonio Men are packing on muscle and stripping fat with testosterone therapy San Antonio from Blue Diamond Med Spa. Testosterone hormones are involved in the growth and repair of body tissues, bone mass, and weight gain. Most men might not even realized how low their testosterone levels are particularly when they reach the age of 35 and beyond. Blue Diamond Med Spa will test your testosterone levels to determine your potential eligibility for testosterone therapy. When testosterone levels are brought back to youthful levels, men will see an added ease to muscle building and fat burning. Testosterone has a huge impact on sexual performance for males, this therapy will help San Antonio residents ignite their lost performance.

Blue Diamond Med Spa also provides laser hair removal san antonio with affordable plans allowing for a dozen sessions over a 2 year span. This membership is for a full body – $169 for Women and $189 for Men. It is summer in San Antonio and that means both pool and lake time. Look your best with a safe removal of body hair from Blue Diamond Med Spa. Their office is located just inside Stone Oak on the northside of San Antonio. Appointments are filling up quickly so book yours today.

Blue Diamond Med Spa

104 Gallery Circle, San Antonio, TX 78258


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